Monday, June 21, 2010

The Holy Ghost

This week to teach the song 'The Holy Ghost' I brought in a large blanket that had a pocket and I wrapped the blanket a child that was sitting reverently and asked them how they felt, and pointed out that this good warm feeling is what the Holy Ghost is like. Then I would ask them to pick a keyword (picture for littlies) out of the pocket of the blanket. After they were all out, we learnt the song and then put all the pictures and words in the right order. And then when they were in the right order we sang through the song and the children would hold up their picture when we sang their line. It worked very well and there was a really lovely spirit.

Here's another helpful article from the August 2005, Friend magazine by Margaret Lifferth, called “Sharing Time: The Gift of the Holy Ghost,”

Excerpt from the article: The song for this month, “The Holy Ghost” (p. 105), teaches us many things about the Holy Ghost. Sing the melody and clap the rhythm. Explain that just as the beat is constant, the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion. Invite them to clap the beat with you as you sing it again. Repeat again, this time inviting the children to hum the melody with you as they clap. Because each half of each verse teaches one of the missions of the Holy Ghost, teach the words in four sections. Write the main words of the first two lines on separate pieces of paper (Christ, earth, promised, send, Holy Ghost, comfort). Sing that much of the song as you direct the children to listen for one thing the Holy Ghost does for us. Take responses. As you sing it again, invite two or three children to post the words in order. Sing that much of the song with the children over and over, removing words until they know it. Learn the rest of the words by repeating this process.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Carpark Gameboard

Wow. It's been a while again since I've posted on here. I blame Uni.

Last week for singing time I created a life size game board using chalk in the chapel car park. On it I had things written like 'Go back 2 spaces', 'girls only' etc. The children would split into two teams. Each would sing, and depending on how well they would sing they got a score out of 5, and that's how far they would move. The children were trying so hard!