Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't say a word game- 27/09/09


To learn 'How firm a foundation ' better today, we played the game 'Don't say a word'. The way that game is played is I would choose one child to go outside, and another to pick some words out of a pretty box, that were all words from the song 'How firm a foundation. Then I would hold them up in front of all the children and they would have to sing the song without saying those words. Then I would invite the child outside back in, give them a pen and paper and tell them to listen out for the missing words and if they knew them they could write it down, and their team would get a point for each word they got right. I played it as girls verse boys and they loved that. The boys won in the end.


I wanted to do a pass the parcel type thing, but due to lack of time this week I used my trusty pretty box and put in all different ways of singing. There was whispering, humming, girls only, boys only, standing up, sitting down, eyes closed and free choice. We sung the song 'I lived in Heaven' as they passed the box, then when the music stopped we did what was on the card they picked out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plate Memory Review-20/09/09

This is an all time favorite of mine that I bring out every so often so the children can review their program songs. It's a game of memory on plastic plates with pictures that relate to the songs we are doing for our presentation. The children singing the best get to come up and flip around two plates to see if the pictures match. If they match you sing the song, if not, the next child has a turn until there's a match. Here are some pictures. The images are glued inside the plate and a number is written on the back. The plates can either be stapled to the string or fed through holes and tied with a knot.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ping Pong ball toss- 13/9/09

This is the game I played with the kids in singing time today and it worked a treat. Today I wanted to focus on the song "I lived in Heaven," since we haven't sung it in quite some time. The game itself is really easy to prepare. All that was needed was a bucket or box of some sort filled with cups that are squeezed in there tightly so they can't fall over inside. Then inside the cup I added a piece of paper in each with some of our other presentation songs and one cup that had a "free choice". At the beginning of singing time I told them we would sing "I lived in Heaven", then I would choose the best singer to come up, throw the ball from a distance and try and get the Ping Pong ball in a cup. If they get it in a cup we would sing the song in that cup, but if they missed we would have to keep singing "I lived in Heaven." It made repetition fun :) and was adaptable for Junior's and Senior's.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2008 Primary Video Presentation

This was the video presentation I put together for the Nambour ward Primary Presentation last year. The music in the background is 'I am a child of God' by Paul Cardall. I think I'll do another one for this year, so I'll be sure to post it up when I do :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pin the tie on Dad- 6/9/09 'Father's Day'

Happy Father's Day to any Father's out there :)

Today the children sang beautifully in sacrament meeting for their father's :) They sang "Daddy's Homecoming" with all the actions, and it was adorable. They did very very well.

In singing time we played the game 'Pin the tie on Dad'. What I did was I drew a picture of a Father on a piece of big white card, then I cut out ties on different patterned paper that fit in the correct spot. On the back of each tie was 'harder' questions about Dads for the seniors and 'Easier' questions for the littlies. Some of the questions for the seniors were: Who was the first father on the earth? Who was Nephi's father? Who's the father of our ward? etc.

So we sung songs that we have been working on recently, and the children singing the best were able to come and have a turn. Then there was a prize at the end for the child tat gets closest to the spot. It was a lot of fun, and it could be adapted for both the Junior and Senior Primary.