Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing Time- 30/8/09

Today was the first week we split the junior and Senior Primary up in Kawana ward and it went extremely well. It was certainly very necessary because we have 12 sunbeams at the moment! So this is what I did with them today:


1. How firm a foundation- I brought a large white board that I had at home and drew the above image I found on sugar doodle which i thought was a great way to set out the words. We sang the song through with the words, then gradually i would rub of parts of the words, until they knew it well enough to rub off all the word! It was great.

2. Books of the Old Testament- Today I taught them the song "The Books of the old Testament." So I got them into groups with a piece of paper, pen and some scriptures and got them to make a list of all the books in the book of Mormon in order from beginning to end. Once they had their list we sang through the song with the list to help them get familiar with the tune and the words. Then once we had sung it a couple of times I took the paper away and I assigned each of them a book, and when it came to their book in the song they had to sing the name of their book. It worked really well and helped us learn it really quickly in time for some more songs. Once they got good at their book, I'd swap the books around until they knew the whole song. It also meant they could all pass off that song on our senior primary song chart :)


1.My Eternal Family- A few weeks back I taught the children actions to this song that have really helped them to learn it. This is a basic rundown:

(Marching the whole time)

I am a builder working each day (Pointing to themselves)
to build my family (fist on fist to look as though they're building-just like the wise man & foolish man)
and I will do the best I can (Pointing to themselves)
to serve them lovingly (make a heart shape with their hands)

I am a builder (Pointing to themselves)
growing so tall (Hands going up above their heads)
and learning everyday (make a book with their hands)
to speak with kindness in my home (talking hand-like the chicken dance action)
to help at work and play (sweeping action)

My Heavenly Father sent me here (Pointing to themselves)
And he knows I can be (point to their heads like they're thinking)
Strong and righteous (flex arms)
as i build (fist on fist to look as though they're building-just like the wise man & foolish man)
My Eternal Family (March)

As an incentive to get them to sing really well (worked like a charm) I incorporated the game musical measles. For those who were singing well they were given musical measles (red dot stickers) that they could stick all over the teacher of their choice at the end of singing time. Beware, you might end up covered in stickers :p

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