Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pin the tie on Dad- 6/9/09 'Father's Day'

Happy Father's Day to any Father's out there :)

Today the children sang beautifully in sacrament meeting for their father's :) They sang "Daddy's Homecoming" with all the actions, and it was adorable. They did very very well.

In singing time we played the game 'Pin the tie on Dad'. What I did was I drew a picture of a Father on a piece of big white card, then I cut out ties on different patterned paper that fit in the correct spot. On the back of each tie was 'harder' questions about Dads for the seniors and 'Easier' questions for the littlies. Some of the questions for the seniors were: Who was the first father on the earth? Who was Nephi's father? Who's the father of our ward? etc.

So we sung songs that we have been working on recently, and the children singing the best were able to come and have a turn. Then there was a prize at the end for the child tat gets closest to the spot. It was a lot of fun, and it could be adapted for both the Junior and Senior Primary.

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