Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't say a word game- 27/09/09


To learn 'How firm a foundation ' better today, we played the game 'Don't say a word'. The way that game is played is I would choose one child to go outside, and another to pick some words out of a pretty box, that were all words from the song 'How firm a foundation. Then I would hold them up in front of all the children and they would have to sing the song without saying those words. Then I would invite the child outside back in, give them a pen and paper and tell them to listen out for the missing words and if they knew them they could write it down, and their team would get a point for each word they got right. I played it as girls verse boys and they loved that. The boys won in the end.


I wanted to do a pass the parcel type thing, but due to lack of time this week I used my trusty pretty box and put in all different ways of singing. There was whispering, humming, girls only, boys only, standing up, sitting down, eyes closed and free choice. We sung the song 'I lived in Heaven' as they passed the box, then when the music stopped we did what was on the card they picked out.

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