Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ping Pong ball toss- 13/9/09

This is the game I played with the kids in singing time today and it worked a treat. Today I wanted to focus on the song "I lived in Heaven," since we haven't sung it in quite some time. The game itself is really easy to prepare. All that was needed was a bucket or box of some sort filled with cups that are squeezed in there tightly so they can't fall over inside. Then inside the cup I added a piece of paper in each with some of our other presentation songs and one cup that had a "free choice". At the beginning of singing time I told them we would sing "I lived in Heaven", then I would choose the best singer to come up, throw the ball from a distance and try and get the Ping Pong ball in a cup. If they get it in a cup we would sing the song in that cup, but if they missed we would have to keep singing "I lived in Heaven." It made repetition fun :) and was adaptable for Junior's and Senior's.

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