Sunday, October 18, 2009

Primary Idol Review 19/10/09

This week I taught both the junior and senior primary "Seek the Lord Early" using the visual helps from Shari's singing time [].
 I laminated them, and they really helped the children to learn the words very quickly.

Then afterwards I had an activity similar to Australian Idol, to see where we're at with our songs for the primary presentation. I made three laminated flip charts with the numbers 1-5 and they were for three judges. I chose two leaders, and one of the children that were singing well when I did it with the seniors, and three leaders for the Juniors. This worked well. Then I got the children to tell me what songs we needed to know for our program and I wrote them on the blackboard. Then in order we sang each of our songs and the judges gave a score and feedback for each song we sang. This gave me a good idea as to which songs the children needed to work on, and it was a bit of fun. And now when we do that activity again, the children can try and beat their scores.

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